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0000041UniversRadio[All Projects] UniversRadiopublic2019-10-07 23:10
ReporterShuRugalAssigned ToTacno 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformPCOSWindows 64-bitOS Version10
Product Version0.1.0.0 IA 
Target VersionFixed in Version0.2.0.0 OA 
Summary0000041: Saitek X55 Stick buttons not recognized
DescriptionIn the UR Control Panel, my Saitek X-55 stick button presses are not being recognized. Throttle inputs work as expected.
Steps To Reproduce100% rate of occurrence.
Additional InformationDevices in use:
Rudder Pedals (Saitek Pro Flight)
Throttle (X55)
Stick (X55)
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DCS module



2016-11-27 12:36

administrator   ~0000083

Did you test with unprogrammed button ?

"If you use a joystick profile via software (such as TARGET for TM Hotas Warthog, or Saitek profile software), make sure the desired buttons are unprogrammed (no action or key stroke assigned) and the profile is running before assigning buttons,
If you use a Saitek X52, you can use timer button on throttle (Function ; Start/Stop ; Reset )."


2016-11-27 16:54

reporter   ~0000084

I use a profile which I have modified to remove all shift-states and unprogram all buttons. After uninstalling and reinstalling the satek drivers, the problem has now switched components: the stick is recognized as the primary device, with the throttle being ignored.

While sub-optimal, this is better than previous, as i use the paddle on the stick for my PTT. Radio selection is done via in-game radio selectors, which I have bound the the 3-way mode knob on the throttle.


2016-11-27 18:00

administrator   ~0000085

So, now do you not have problem any more ?
With you have to set selector AND PTT for talking,
((Next PTT will be optionnal. By default when you'll select a radio, this one will be ready to talk. But, if you want a button for PTT, you'll be able to add one.))


2016-11-27 23:04

reporter   ~0000086

The problem still exists: UR radio does not recognize any input from my X55 throttle (first it was my stick), but it does recognize from the stick.

Since DCS still recognizes the throttle, and UR recognizes which radio i select in DCS, I can change radios in DCS and use the PTT on my stick in UR.

However, UR still does not recognize input from my throttle. I just found a workaround.


2018-12-29 14:06

reporter   ~0000283

I have the same issue, tried many ways to make it work, but it doesn't. Current version


2019-01-03 19:15

administrator   ~0000284

Some users configure keyboard binds. Simple or combo. Not joystick button.
They uses UR for 4 years with, no issue for them.
Did you test in configuring with keyboard keys ?


2019-01-03 22:18

reporter   ~0000285

Ok, I was able to configure it binding keyboard keys to them.

It would be better if I could bind the throttle's buttons directly.


2019-01-04 10:04

administrator   ~0000286

Did you try by unprogramming button from profile software ?


2019-01-04 10:38

reporter   ~0000287

Hi, yes I reset to factory settings, and tried to do the unprogramming, also disabled the profile, nothing worked, only when I binded the keyboard keys it recognized.

The same happens with the stick, but not all buttons, only some of them. In the case of the throttle it happens to all buttons.

As this case does not affect many people I would recommend taking care of it not as a priority, but keep this is mind for the next versions of the software. UniversRadio is amazing.


2019-01-08 13:09

administrator   ~0000288

Currently, hat or POV are not available with UR


2019-08-04 21:15

administrator   ~0000302

Next UR version v0.2.0.0 manages joystick by DirectX. up to 128 buttons, 4 POV (limited to 4 ways), so 144 buttons (vs 32 today)


2019-10-07 23:10

administrator   ~0000308

New core version 0.2

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