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0000051UniversRadio[All Projects] UniversRadiopublic2017-03-20 14:07
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Summary0000051: Mirage / UR presets
DescriptionIt seems that I am no longer able to set/force the presets for the mirage. Whenever I check force presets and hit save, I get to another window asking for mirage 2000 presets and kneeboard creation. If I check Mirage 2000 presets I get the following error:

Fatal Error !
Can not get to DCS Path !

check your DCS Installation and registry

I then get a confirmation that the setting were applied. But in game the presets are incorrect and the M2000C.lua file seems to be unchanged by UR.

Other members of my group have been having problems with their mirage presets lately and alot of them have reported having this error pop up as well.
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DCS moduleMirage 2000C



2017-02-23 05:41


fatal error UR.png (7,060 bytes)
fatal error UR.png (7,060 bytes)


2017-02-23 12:52

administrator   ~0000111

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As written path of your DCS installation is unknown.
This path must be defined in the Registry. If not, it's incorrect, bad installation of DCS.
To repare this.
1. Launch regedit.exe
2. Go to HKey Current User \ Software \ Eagle Dynamics \ DCS
3. without cote, add a new String named "Path" with value : your DCS-World path "C:\Pro....\DCS-World"
4. check other DCS openalpha openbeta Registry entries too.

Also, If you want to use UR preset, use UR LB


2017-02-23 15:39

reporter   ~0000112

I did all of that and I am still getting the same error. I am using UR LB already.


2017-02-23 15:39


dcs path.png (17,006 bytes)
dcs path.png (17,006 bytes)


2017-02-23 17:02

administrator   ~0000113

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So you confirm Path value in DCS key didn't exist ?
Thank for feedback.

Do you launch UR CP with an other user than DCS ? You use admin privilege with an other user.
Idea, is HKCU (current user) registry is different when you run UR CP.
For checking : Can you export th Registry key of "HKey Current User \ Software \ Eagle Dynamics \ DCS" ? Regedit / select DCS key from the tree then File / Export (share here with updload file as you know to do)


2017-02-23 17:22

administrator   ~0000114

Your DCS directory isn't in basic "program files" folder.
In this case, can you launch URCP from UniversRadio directory by launching ur_control.exe


2017-02-23 18:11

reporter   ~0000115

The Path value in the registry did exist (I didnt create one).

I do not have any other user on this PC. The current user is the only user on this PC and has admin privileges.

Which key do you want me to upload exactly ?

I don't have any trouble launching URCP, and all other functions of it work correctly.

Again, all the players from my squadron are having the same exact error message and problem with the Mirage presets.


2017-02-23 18:21


key.reg (1,168 bytes)


2017-02-23 18:43

administrator   ~0000116

Can you try by running ur-control.exe without admin privilege, pls ?


2017-02-23 18:48

reporter   ~0000117

I just tried; no change. Still getting the error


2017-02-23 18:56

reporter   ~0000118

I have the same issue, tryed to fix it, still an error prompt. Genre, peu importe ce qu'on fait, il me dit encore que j'ai pas la HKEY etc.


2017-02-24 10:37

administrator   ~0000119

I've just test.
Shame on me, a bug when you don't have all DCS versions. stable, oa and ob
Anyway, radio presets should work and you wrote that not. I will upload a correction for testing, today or tomorrow


2017-02-24 12:34


UR_Control.exe (103,424 bytes)


2017-02-24 12:37

administrator   ~0000120

Could you test with the UR_control.exe in attachement. Copy it in the UR default folder (not Saved games)
This version generates a log in ..\Saved games\UniversRadio\log\UR_ControlPanel.log


2017-02-24 21:04

reporter   ~0000121

Just tested your .exe Everything looks like its back to normal. No more error message and my presets work again. Tks


2017-02-24 22:12

administrator   ~0000122

Could sent to me your ur_controlpanel.log file ?


2017-02-25 00:18


URControlPanel.log (2,090 bytes)


2017-02-25 00:18

reporter   ~0000123

c'est fait


2017-03-20 14:07

administrator   ~0000127 released today

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