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0000113UniversRadio[All Projects] UniversRadiopublic2020-02-14 10:23
ReportergoztrehAssigned ToTacno 
Status assignedResolutionopen 
PlatformPCOSWindows 64-bitOS Version10
Product Version0.2.1.0 PA 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000113: [KA-50] R-828 is not available in plugin
DescriptionIn URCP after mapped a key to select the R-828, in the plugin only 2 radio appears. R-800 and SW. No way to have the R-828 working.
Steps To ReproduceConfigure URCP, launch beslan take-off instant action, try to select the R-828 with no luckKA-50
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DCS moduleKA-50



2020-02-13 21:30

administrator   ~0000316

Try : remove URCP Ka-50 remove (then exit, no save !)
config your key/button from DCS Ka-50 SP9 only,
do not use URCP :

Selon le lien, les changements des radios se font depuis DCS avec le SPU, configure unique le SPU sur DCS.
supprime le profile Ka-50 sur URCP, ne fais pas save and exit,


2020-02-13 21:40

administrator   ~0000317

if you use URCP and DCS SPU ingame input, you'll get more reactivity, and less latency


2020-02-14 10:23

administrator   ~0000318

confirmed, le R828, radio#1 is null when URCP "preset" is checked
thanks for this feedback

Need plugin update, asap :-)

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