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0000083UniversRadio[All Projects] UniversRadiopublic2018-04-01 19:18
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PlatformPCOSWindows 64-bitOS Version10
Product Version0.1.5.2 NE 
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Summary0000083: VHF FM/AM - Shifting presets using DCS-BIOS causes UR to mis-align from what is shown in-game cockpit

Please observe app. 5 seconds black screen between the individual tests.

1. Time 0:00 - Shifting presets using mouse click
Our mission is loaded with the shown presets and as is illustrated this works flawlessly.

2. Time 2:24 - Shifting presets using DCS-BIOS 1-2-1-2-1-2
Prepared: New mission is loaded so that preset in pit aligns with UR

It appears that UR only registers the increase from 1 to 2 but not the decrease from 2 to 1. Therefore the frequency selected by UR shifts from ME frequencies 1 to 2 to 3 to 4 to 5 etc every time shifting is done from 1 to 2.

3. Time 4:01 - Shifting presets using DCS-BIOS 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10
Prepared: New mission is loaded so that UR frequency aligns with preset in pit.

Here my observation is that it appears that UR is doing a weird calculation. Presets 1 and 2 are correct however when setting preset 3 the frequency selected is actually from preset 4. When preset 4 is selected the actual frequency is from preset 7.
In lack of better explanation it looks like following is happening;
Shifting from 1 to 2: UR takes previous value (1), adds 1 plus 0 = 2
Shifting from 2 to 3: UR takes previous value (2), adds 1 plus 1 = 4
Shifting from 3 to 4; UR takes previous value (4), adds 1 plus 2 = 7
Shifting from 4 to 5, UR takes previous value (7), adds 1 plus 3 = 11
Shifting from 5 to 6, UR takes previous value (11), adds 1 plus 4 = 16

4. Time 5:34 - Shifting presets using DCS-BIOS 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1
Prepared: New mission is loaded. Presets are increased to preset 10 using mouse click so that UR frequency aligns with preset in pit.

Here I have been unable to find a pattern in how the frequencies are chosen by UR I am afraid. But the short of the long is that I may be cause by the misalignment done in test 3 and test 2.
Steps To ReproduceThe only way to reproduce is to connected a multiposition switch to an Arduino running DCS-BIOS
Additional InformationIt appears that DCS-BIOS is not the cause of this as the preset rotary in-game cockpit actually shifts to the correct position.

Same observations have been done for VHF AM radio. I have not yet had time to check UHF as well but will look into it after Easter Holiday
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DCS moduleA-10C



2018-03-31 08:50

administrator   ~0000210

UR preset option takes data from UR radio file.
Without UR preset option checked, frequencies are taken from DCS (ME) or manual entry in cockpit.

So as you wrote UR preset and manual edition of preset are not compatible.

Best will be a new feature for A-10C, to modify DCS A-10C hard files as M2000C, or AV8


2018-03-31 22:34

reporter   ~0000212

I am not doing any manual edition of the presets frequencies.

I am shifting the preset channel on the radio, but the frequency of the preset is the ones stored .miz file.

My question stands. How does UR know which preset channel (1-20) has been selected? I believe this may be the root cause, because it seems like UR does not 'see' what the presets (1-20) has been set for on the radio.

According to DCS-BIOS the actual selected preset channel (1-20) is available directly;

Taken from device 55, device_commands.Button_1, clickable data argument 137, steps 0.01, from value 0.0 to 0.19.
So I guess it may be possible to know the actual selected preset channel (1-20) by using above value * 100 + 1,
e.g. Preset channel no 1 comes from = 0.0*100+1
Preset channel no 10 comes from = 0.09*100+1

Below is taken directly from DCS-BIOS where the values are readily available
defineSetCommandTumb("VHFAM_PRESET", 55, 3001, 137, 0.01, {0.0, 0.19}, {" 1", " 2", " 3", " 4", " 5", " 6", " 7", " 8", " 9", "10", "11", "12", "13", "14", "15", "16", "17", "18", "19", "20"}, true, "VHF AM Radio", "Preset Channel Selector")


2018-04-01 19:18

administrator   ~0000213

As wrote, if you use "UR force preset" and using radio channel then the frequency comes from UR preset INI file. To get the channel number for having the good row ex :CHANNEL04=129200
I use this export :
A10C_AM_CHANNEL = math.floor(GetDevice(0):get_argument_value(137)*100+0.01)+1

else if you don't use "UR force preset", frequency is gottom from DCS
with this export :

A10C_AM = GetDevice(55):get_frequency()

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