UniversRadio Download

UniversRadio is the current version.
Other version, read below

  1. required : Download and install the latest DigitalCombatSimulator-World update
  2. required : Download and install the latest TeamSpeak 3.1 64 bits client update
  3. >>> Download and install UniversRadio 1 2 3 <<< (changelog)
    >>>Download and install PATCH update <<<
    /!\ Now, at starting, radios volumes of DCS:A-10C are at minimum /!\

  4. Download and install relief maps : <<<
  5. Help the developer by buying your license, many thanks !

To configure UniversRadio, read the Configuration page.
To known how to use UniversRadio with your favorite aircraft, read Supported aircraft page.


  • Time of use up to 60 min (since the beginning of mission)
  • shorter range
  • only two radios (radio#1 and radio#2)
  • no ATC radio


Update (report bug here) (changelog):

    • update 
      Adding default sound output device as check box 
      Adding UR Transponder IDENTification input (keyboard and joystick) 
      Adding range of frequencies for UR Voice Service (file or URL) (manual editing of DB)
      Fixing of SA-342 Intercom (BT#85)
      Adding transponder MODE 3/A/B/C for DCS:Hawk 
      Fixing line of sight if remote talker talker doesn’t have relief map (BT#)
      Fixing UH-1 AN/ARC-134 (BT#90 BT#92)
      Fixing blocked comms when over range
      Adding AB of DCS:PG (13 ap)
      Fixing UR CP for STEAM installation
      Adding no blocked comm. option from TS menu
      Adding DCS:Hornet (no UR preset compatible)
      Adding DSC:Yak-52

Old versions :

  • (2018/01/03), (2017/10/13), (2017/07/26), (2017/05/03), (2017/03/20), (2017/02/08), (2017/01/13), (2016/12/16), (2016/12/15), (2016/12/11), (2016/12/03), (2016/09/25)

1 To update, you can install over the previous version, then configure UR by UR Control Panel
2 Only compatible with Microsoft Windows 7-64bit, Microsoft Windows 8-64bit, Microsoft Windows 10-64bit (with ExternalRadio displaying issue)
3 Updating a version after the will ask a new license ( pb with license email to universradio[at]tacnoworld.fr )