UniversRadio ATC RadioDesk for LotATC

UniversRadio ATC RadioDesk

Summary :

1- When to use UniversRadio ATC RadioDesk ?

UniversRadio ATC RadioDesk is an external radio set for LotATC 4 DCS, or standalone and if you want with F11 view from DCS for controlling taxis and terminal traffic.
This radio set can receive up to nine frequencies and can transmit up to nine frequencies and with an intercom with an other ATC placed on the same tower or AWACS.
Eight frequencies can be configured. (UHF emergency guard can not)
Nine channels are managed.


2- How to use it ?

From Windows start menu => UniversRadio \ UniversRadio ATC RadioDesk.

By default, LotATC is the source pour location transmission. But from “Profile” you can select an airfield.

When LotATC is selected, my sure the  game is unpause, and UniversRadio is selected in LotATC.


UR ATC can couple, merge two frequencies together. With the picture above, an AWACS has coupled two frequencies : 20MHz and 136MHz.
An A/C is hidden behind a mountain and can transmit to a JTAC at ground.
So, If A/C talks to JTAC on 269MHz, JTAC can’ received it. But if A/C talks on 136MHz, the AWACS (without listening) delays to JTAC on 20MHz.

UR ATC has two couplers.

Other examples below.



3- ATC example

Screenshot above shows nine radios :

  1. Ground : listening + coupled on Coupler#1
  2. Tower : ready to talk + coupled on Coupler#1
  3. Intercom : listening
  4. Approach : unselected
  5. Flight Information : listening
  6. ATIS : unselected
  7. free : unselected
  8. VHF guard : listening
  9. UHF emergency guard : waking

Eight first radios are free, and can be configured. Coupling : when an A/C is taxing, an other A/C in the circuit can receive it.

Best experience : under 30.000 MHz relief does not cut communication and it has not range limitation.


4-GCI (Overlord) example

Screenshot above shows nine radios :

  1. flight : listening
  2. flight : listening + encrypted
  3. Intercom : listening
  4. other : listening + encrypted
  5. flight : listening (digital transmission) VOCA
  6. free : unselected
  7. himself : ready to talk+ coupled on Coupler#1
  8. himself : ready to talk+ encrypted + coupled on Coupler#1
  9. UHF emergency guard : waking

Coupling : Overlord has two frequencies 148.200 and 387.200 , when an A/C is talking on 148.200, an other A/C receive on 387.200

5- UniversRadio Voice Service server

UR VoiceServer can be launch form “VoiceServer” button. Configure the frequency and the METAR message, or a sound file.. When a radio change frequency to a VSS frequency, an ATIS vocal message, or sound will be broadcasted.

6- UniversRadio AWACS Radio Scanner for LotATC

This module can be launched from “SCAN” button and it displays level signals of the wave band from 1MHz to 400MHz according to the window of scan.
UR Scanner works only if you use LotATC and your location is an AWACS.
Zoom and scanning range can be customized by mouse buttons.

With this module, you can monitor radio transmissions of your coalition…And ennemies too…So be quiet and use cypher communication.


7- HELP. Which actions can be done ? And, how to do ?

Setting radioClick on "Set" button of the radio

Modification are autosaved
Changing radio nameClick on "Set" button of the radio
Up to 16 characters.
Changing radio frequencyClick on "Set" button of the radio
From 2MHz to 399.999MHz

Intercom are able if players are in the same location, AWACS or tower

For LINK16 radios, (Hornet)
To get NET126 VOCB, enter 126.2
126 for net channel (1-127)
2 for B (1 for A)
Changing radio modulationClick on "Set" button of the radio
AM or FM
DT (for digital transmission) is designed for DCS:F/A-18C
To get Channel 126 VOCB, enter 126.2 in frequency field
Changing hotkeyClick on "Set" button of the radio
Then "Set"
Changing volumeUse the slide on the right side
Securing radio transmissionClick on "Set" button of the radio
Check "Activated Secured voice
Code from 1 to 6
See UniversRadio Control Panel
Listening to a radioDouble-click on "Text window". When you receive a communication.
Left click on RECV light.
Press and hold hotkey.
RECV surrounded in green is waking.
RECV displayed in green color is receiving.
and QDM is displayed on top-right corner.
TalkingClick on "TRNS" light.
Click and hold on "Text window" for PTT.
Press/cycle hotkey.
You can talk to this channel when TRNS is displayed in red color.
CouplingTwo couplers can be used.
A coupler can merge only two radios, two frequencies.
Activated coupleur is display at bottom right in green, label is prefixed by 'C'