Ignore TeamSpeak antiflood

1- Shorting off capture delay

From TS options menu :

. check “Advanced Options”
. uncheck “Delay releasing Push-To-Talk”


2- Ignoring TS antiflood

TeamSpeak has a SPAM anti-flood protection.

This technology stops exchanges of UniversRadio plugin.

For getting a normal use of UniversRadio, antiflood has to be ignored for UR TS clients.

Checking of self permissions

On TeamSpeak, right-click on your nickname , Permissions, Permissions
Set filter with ‘flood’

permissions Oversview

We can read that “Ignore Anti-Flood  Measurements” is not setted.

In this case, contact your TeamSpeak Server administrator.

Creating a special TeamSpeak group

Create a TeamSpeak group with “Ignore Anti-Flood  Measurements” option

Create a server group permissions.
TS, menu Permissions / Server group,
Create a new Group, here I choiced ‘UR user’
permissions local server

Adding permission for TeamSpeak Client

And for each nickname, add the new permission : UR user.