This panel is composed with four parts :

  • Angle of attack gauge : a micro servomotor turns the needle with two gears (10 teeth and 30 teeth).
  • UHF repeater display. a 8 characters LCD displays the frequencie or the loaded channel
  • Clock. a 2×8 charracters LCD displays the time and the chronographe.
  • Standby attitude indicator : it isn’t used and it’s a draw.



The three used parts are managed by a microcontroller Microship PIC16F767.
Too, this microcontroller manages the auxiliary langing gear handle and the two MFCD ON/DAY/NIGHT switches.


This panel is connected to a own IIC hub by a 8-wire cable :

  • Input are sent via a IIC bus to IIC slave USB card. (2 wires)
  • Ouput are received from a second IIC bus from a IIC master USB card. (2 wires)
  • Power takes 2 wires (ground and +5V)
  • Back light takes 2 wires



A steel back board painted in black is used to support:

  • AoA needle
  • UHF LCD display
  • clock display and its two buttons
  • SAI button that isn’t used

The rear board supports two connectors :

  • communication and black light connector (on the right)
  • MFCD O/D/N switches and auxiliary gear handle

DSC_0099 DSC_0098 DSC_0096




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