First, from UniversRadio DashBoard, “Control Panel” button, you can launch an  AutoDiagnostic.

Else with this logical diagramm,


  1. Whenever you activate or disactivate UniversRadio TeamSpeak plugin, please restart TeamSpeak.
  2. Make sure that TS clients have TeamSpeak antiflood disabled

For installing and configuring, watch this YouTube playlist :

A – First checklist :

  1. All players have to be connected
  2. Check with TS shoutbox that all players have the same frequency and displayed in bold (selected for talking)
  3. Check the TS nickname light when a player wants to talk. When a player talks, the TS light is displayed in light blue color. That confirms the PTT of TS.

Digest : On the same APRON, a player can talk and be heard  with UR, when :
>>> UR connected + Same common frequency AND selected (bold) + TS light blue color  <<<

B – Quick solutions

UR status is “Not connected”

  1. Player is not in game or DCS server is paused
  2. Error UR in ../Saved Games/Universradio/universradio.ini (bind error = reboot, check FW of Windows)
  3. Error DCS in ../Saved Games/DCS/log/dcs.log (check export.lua = call of a missing file)

Bad UR status of other players

  1. not connected = remote player is not in game or has Errors above
  2. nothing is displayed but the remote has UR installed = this player uses other TS comm. plugin as TARS TFR ACRE ARIES etc…
  3. Remote client is bloked by the TeamSpeak anti-flood system : Ignore anti-flood for the TeamSpeak client.

C – From questions

In TeamSpeak, I can't see UR status of my friendTeamSpeak can not support too many activated plugins of inter communication like TFR, ACRE, TARS, ARIES or other.

Make sure that UniversRadio plugin is the one activated plugin.
In TeamSpeak, my friend doesn't see my UR statusTeamSpeak can not support too many activated plugins of inter communication like TFR, ACRE, TARS, ARIES or other.

Make sure that UniversRadio plugin is the one activated plugin.
My UniversRadio Status stays
« Not connected »

  • Check log file ..\Saved Games\DCS\Log\DCS.log

    No error about export.lua file must appear.

  • Check log file ..\Saved Games\UniversRadio\UniversRadio.log

    • If you read "Fatal Error ! Cannot initialize (bind)".
      Make sure all TS3 processes are killed.
      Check firewall.
      Restart Windows user session.

  • Look for firewall rules that may block TeamSpeak 3 client and TW(c) UniversRadio ExternalRadio

  • Make sure the last line of ..\Saved Games\DCS\Scripts\export.lua file is dofile(lfs.writedir()..'Scripts\\Tacnoworld_UR_DCSW.luac');

  • Make sure UniversRadio is the only active TeamSpeak plugin for all clients in the channel: Due to lack of allowed memory, running multiple TeamSpeak plugins at once can cause fatal error and crash of TeamSpeak client

I can't hear anyone

  • Check TeamSpeak UniversRadio status, click on the desired nickname and check status is "Connected", check radios have assigned frequencies and one of them is written in bold

  • Make sure than you are not in the default TeamSpeak channel (first when you log in)

  • Make sure than you setted the good frequency on the good radio :-)

  • Make sure than you are in radio range with other players : distance, relief

  • If you played a ATC via LotATC, and you want now to played as an aircraft pilot or JTAC, you must release "ATC mode" from TeamSpeak menu UniversRadio.

I can't see UniversRadio ExternalRadioCheck than DCS-World is not running in FullScreen mode
I can't map the radios on my joystick

  • UniversRadio uses DirectX joystick buttons. If you use software profiles, make sure the desired buttons are unprogrammed (no action or key stroke assigned) and the profile is live before assigning buttons.

  • Do not unplug joystick while TeamSpeak is running. This can cause a major TeamSpeak crash. Same with Thrustmaster Target profile. Shutting it down will end in TeamSpeak crash.

I can't activate UR pluginRun once TS as administrator
Install Microsfoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012 Update 4
Volume problem and stereo effectIf you use a 7.1, 5.1 audio system set,
configure your system for stereo and not 5.1 or 7.1
TeamSpead spam or anti-flood alert messageConfigure your TeamSpeak server with a group who allows "flood".

"Ignore Anti-Flood Measurements"

Add UR user in this new group.

Support : >>>Bug Tracker<<< (prefered)
universradio[at]tacnoworld[dot]fr for other